Cat gets rescued from high tree top


Marshmallow was stuck for more than 24 hours in the top of this tree with sub freezing temperatures dropping to 8 degrees F. Roads were treacherous since NC is not used to snow and we don’t have plows and salt trucks like the snowy cities up north. Marshmallow is a semi-feral community cat cared for by two neighbors, Bryan and Gracie. Marshmallow spends the cold winter nights on a heating pad on Bryan’s front porch and eats his meals on Gracie’s back porch. Even though he had never been held for longer than a few moments, he was so ready to be down from the tree that he put up no resistance to being scruffed and put in the rescue bag. Once in the bag he quietly endured the ride down attached to my harness. We put him on the heating pad on Bryan’s porch in the bag so he could warm up (it was about 10 degrees F during the rescue). He stayed in the bag quite some time, but eventually came out to thanks. After the rescue Bryan had a mug of the best hot cocoa I have ever tasted waiting. Thanks for caring for Marshmallow, Bryan and Gracie!’


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